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How I Brought the Bayou to my Backyard

The evening was magnificent,a small dinner gathering witha few friends and family members accompanied by lots of great food and strong drinks.It was the last warm, fall night and we were all glad to take advantage of it.The menu was a low country boil, complete with fresh seafood, corn, potatoes, turkey sausage and chicken drumsticks and I’d spent the entire day carefully tending to every detail.


I started with the décor. I used candles and lanterns to set the mood of my screened in back patio.Facing the river, my patio not only offers ambiance but atmosphere as well.The natural sounds of frogs and night birds filled the air, transporting us to the deepest swamp in the bayou.I placed a medium size, foldable table on the patio and covered it with newspaper, placing paper towel rolls along the length of the table for easy access. I then turned my attention to the food.


I filled a large pot with water and brought it to a low boil. I seasoned the water with butter, one whole chopped onion, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, a bag of creole seasoning, one whole chopped lemon and a bottle of beer. I added the corn,potatoes and drumsticks first. These ingredients take the longest to cook, especially the chicken, which takes an hour and after about 30 minutes, I added the turkey sausage. The fresh shrimp, crab legs and live blue crabs were added about 30 minutes later as they cook the fastest. Once everything was added, I turn the heat to low and left everything to simmer.This let the flavors soak in and really penetrate the food.


My signature cocktail was next. I threw some gin, fresh mango slices, mint leaves,champagne and a hint of lime juice in the blender, creating a drink reminiscent of Fat Tuesday. By the time my company started to arrive, the smell of the food perfumed the air like an intoxicating fragrance. I removed all the food from the cooking pot,spreading it across the newspaper and everyone ate with their hands. It was wonderful. Informal  and family styled,it was a perfect night of inspiring conversation and delectable indulgence.

The real money Saver in my Kitchen Refurbishment

One of the things that finally  got  my husband to commit to my new kitchen was a big money saving decision that I was quite comfortable making after some research.   We had old cabinets but they were nevertheless solidly made but worn.  If you have a similar situation you can save quite  a bit  of pounds simply by having them redone instead of completely replaced.  Hers  one being redone (not mine but similar)


3 doors down in the UK

As the Yanks would say stick a pin in all the kitchen talk.   I love going to concerts! The music, the people, and of course the band all make it a memorable event. One of my favorite bands is 3 Doors Down and I got to  see them  when they were here in the UK. Not only do I enjoy their music, but they give so much back to communities and organizations that I like to support their efforts.

When I bought my concert ticket this past year, I was very excited. I had 12th row and that was good enough for me!A few months before the show, they had a Facebook contest. You had to take a photo of you with your ticket. You could only enter for one show, and I figured why not? Imagine my surprise when a week before the show I got an email that I had won! It gave me instructions about where to meet to collect my prize!My prize turned out to be a meet and greet with the entire band an hour before the show. It also included an upgrade to sitting side stage for the show!

I was able to take a friend with me, and called my friend who bought tickets with me. We arrived at the venue 2 hours before the show. We were very nervous but there were other people out there too. Some of them purchased the meet and greet. Others won them from radio stations.We were taken to a waiting area where we got to go up on stage one at a time to meet the band. They were very polite and friendly. I got a hug from each of them and then got to take a photo with them. It was over quickly, but I didn’t feel rushed either. We were then invited to stay for sound check after everyone had their picture taken.This was an interesting part of the band preparing for a show that I had never experienced before.

We got to listen to 3 Doors Down perform three songs before they thanked us for being fans and said they would see us soon for the show to begin!Before the show started, my friend and I went to the balcony and offered our 12th row seats to a couple that were in the row almost to the back of the venue. They were skeptical at first, but once we explained to them why we were giving them away they accepted them. It was a great concert and a great night to remember!

My Kitchen is Now Kind of Fit!

Its been years and I have told my husband non stop for those years that the  most visited and special place of a home is the kitchen and dining room. Think about it. Its where you have “those” conversations with your children that changes your life and its where most of the memories are made. Its like the heartbeat of a family and its the only place you can always accost the children without invading their  privacy.

Okay so refurbishment can cost a bit but whats the value of happy mate these days I say?  So I have been collecting information on this proposed refurbishment for years and made sure I tracked prices and knew exactly what I wanted . Well recently going on at the man finally made him break  and we proceeded with the refurbishment. As much as I had prepared it was still a bit overwhelming. The bloke I hired to do the work was good enough but it was the inability to use the kitchen for a few days that was the most daunting.

In between my other experiences in life I will be talking about several phases of the project but in this one I just wanted to share the results.

Its rather fit!

My children come into the kitchen even more and seem to want to stay for longer than before. I don’teven have to tell the hubby where things are as everything seems that more accessible. Finally andmost importantly its just thrilling to stand in a pristine environment. It was well worth the mess and the inconvenience for a few days and I would highly recommend it to anyone particularly as its now one of the key selling points of our home  although I have no intention of leaving it behind.